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Micro Pressure / Vacuum Pump
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Model Pressure Pump Vacuum Pump Rated Voltage No-load Current Max Pressure Max Vacuum Max Flow
  (Item Number) (Item Number) (Vdc) (A) (KPa) (KPa) (L/min)
TM40-C     TM40-C12-P15010 TM40-C12-V7510 12 / 24 0.8/ 0.6 150 -75 10
TM40-D    TM40-D12-P15010 (outside controller) TM40-D12-V7510 (outside controller) 12 / 24 0.8/ 0.6 150 -75 10
 " P " means pressure pump,  " V " means vacuum pump, "12/24" means different voltages optional.
Pump Weight:350g;  Pump Size:120mm*40mm*65mm;  Inlet&Outlet:OD 6.5mm/ID 3.4mm,hose suggestion:ID 5.0mm
Super silent noise50dB from 1 Meter;  Materials:pump head Nylon, membrane EPDM, valve EPDM
Motor type and code:“C”means Coreless brushless DC motor with dual ball bearings (long lifetime10,000hours)    D”means Coreless brushless DC motor with dual ball bearings + outside controller (long lifetime10,000hours);pump with outside controller can realize functions of  PWM 05V speed adjustment, brake, instant  starting work ; inner controller is no additional functions.  

Technical features:
1. Uncontaminated flow.
2. Non-metallic construction.
3. Oil-Free, Corrosion resistant
4. Long life,High efficiency
5. Compact size, Low Weight
6. Low noise level&vibration
7. Maintaince free.
8. High level of water tightness thanks to the closed
diaphragm surface and    special sealing system.
9. Can operate in any installed position

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